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easy ways to pay.....

We know that paying for a Wedding is costly - and it can be stressful too.... we have some ways to help you pay for Doris so hopefully organising your trip to the Church is less stressful......


Our normal payment terms are 20% of the fee within 7 days of the booking with the remaining balance due 30 days before your wedding date..... this is fine by us and you are welcome to pay this way - by bank transfer.

We are happy to set up an interest free payment plan for anyone who would like to spread the cost. All we ask is that you make the booking at least 6 months in advance.

A typical example would be;

Wedding booked 8 months away and the fee quoted is £310 - 8 x monthly payment of £38.75 would be payable on the 1st of every month by bank transfer.

This would not be a credit agreement, just an arrangement between us and a document would be drawn up to this effect to cover off all the small print. No credit checks would take place.


Payment via credit card can be arranged if this is your preferred method of payment.




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